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Make your office unique with the best accessories and design objects

Design is not only a decorative element in the home, but can also be a great help in working spaces. 

Making your office a cosy, comfortable and visually pleasing place can improve productivity and well-being in the workplace. In this article, we will discover how to transform your office into a unique and inspiring space with design accessories and objects.

Why you should bring design into your office

We spend most of our day in the office and, with the growth of remote working, more and more people are also working from home. It is essential, therefore, to make these environments cosy and comfortable so as to promote well-being and productivity! 

A well-furnished and well-designed office, with design accessories and functional solutions, can have a positive impact on our mood, our ability to concentrate and our motivation. In addition, an aesthetically pleasing and stimulating working environment can increase employees’ sense of belonging and satisfaction, contributing to a positive corporate culture.

Design accessories for your office

Many design brands have office accessories in their catalogue that combine aesthetic beauty, functionality and practicality. These items, designed by famous designers, can help create an organised, comfortable and productive working environment without sacrificing style and originality. Below is a selection of designer products for your office.

bFRIENDS Pen Pot by Bene

This colourful, decorative and useful pen pot will fit perfectly on any desk! The bFRIENDS Pen Pot offers a remarkable functionality: it not only allows you to store pens or pencils inside, but also allows you to place them outside by inserting them into the slots.

Bene’s range of sustainable desk accessories is 3D printed using recycled, plant-based plastic packaging materials. Combine the pen holder with other units from the bFRIENDS collection to keep your desk tidy and cheerful!

Kesito Desk Organiser by Woodendot

If your desk is so cluttered that you can’t even look at it, yet the thought of a tidy workspace appeals to you, Woodendot has the solution for you. Handcrafted in Spain’s Terra de Pinares region from sustainably sourced pine wood, the KESITO desk organiser consists of three rhombus-shaped pieces (two of which feature a colour accent) that can be arranged in a straight line, forming a hexagon or separated into smaller spaces, creating a compact object suitable for any desk, regardless of its size.

Random Magazine Holder by Covo

A seemingly messy tangle of cables turns out to be easy and intuitive to use. Here you can store books, magazines, newspapers, but also any other small object you wish to have at hand. Random is a magazine rack that allows everyone to give free rein to their imagination. Backed by an aesthetic tradition that combines elegance with simplicity, COVO, with its typically Italian DNA and global roots, has managed to become an excellent exponent of this combination. The company has developed a distinctive and autonomous language that blends together tradition and modernity, classicism and cutting-edge design.

Magazin Newspaper Holder by Konstantin

Functional and decorative, Magazin is a beautiful and timeless magazine holder in the shape of a small house. If you are interrupted while reading, simply place the open magazine on the roof of the little house. Thus, you can resume reading exactly where you stopped. Meanwhile, other magazines can be placed under the roof.

Shuffle-Box container by Konstantin

This elegant box is ideal for storing small items and desk accessories such as paper clips, erasers and pens. Its geometric shape and minimalist design make it a perfect addition to a modern, functional office. Made of painted steel and cork, the Shuffle-Box is available in different finishes and colours, to perfectly suit your style and needs.

Rino pencil-sharpener by Internoitaliano

Pear wood pencil sharpener. This object stands out for its decisive and unusual shape: the typical sloping plane where the blade is fixed is missing, and what you see is a perfect wooden parallelepiped, with only one hole on one side for inserting the lead. In a specially made cavity, there is space for the blade; this cavity also serves to collect the graphite powder, preventing it from scattering on the table.

Concrete Giraffe decorative object by Korridor

This concrete sculpture in the shape of a giraffe is a unique and eye-catching option for adding an artistic element to your office. Besides being a design object, the Concrete Giraffe can also serve as a bookend or magazine stand. Its rough finish and imposing presence make it a daring and original choice to add character to your work space.

Home bookend by Circular Design

If your bookcase is cluttered and lacking in personality, the Home bookend is the solution to keep it organised, from A to Z. Adaptable to all kinds of books and magazines, Home’s shapes interact with your books, whether you have a large collection or a corner where you keep the essential books you can’t do without.

This bookend is ideal for furnishing your office or desk: create attractive and unusual combinations of shapes and contents for your reference books.

The best design objects for the office at AGOF Store

Bringing design into your office is a way to improve your productivity and well-being in the workplace by creating a cosy, comfortable and visually pleasing environment. Design accessories and objects, with their aesthetic beauty, practicality and functionality, can transform your workspace into a unique and stimulating place to spend pleasant and productive hours. 

Let yourself be inspired by AGOF Store’s collection of designer office accessories and make your choice: remember that a well-furnished and organised office can make a difference in the perception of your clients and partners, consolidating your image and reputation in the industry!

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