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AGOF means family and love for the house

Just like that of its founders, AGOstina and Ferruccio.

AGOF Style: style ideas

AGOF Style, the editorial blog of AGOF Store, is the ideal source for anyone who sees their home not just as a physical space, but as an extension of themselves. Here we offer you a window into the world of interior design and decoration, with practical tips to transform every space into a place that reflects your uniqueness. AGOF Style is your companion on the journey to creating spaces that not only welcome you, but represent you.

agof team

Behind the scenes of AGOF Style

AGOF Style is the result of a synergistic collaboration between the AGOF Store team and a close-knit group of professionals specialized in communication, content creation, and copywriting. Our team is animated by a contagious enthusiasm and a deep knowledge of the world of interior design and decoration. Every article, every tip, and every image is the result of meticulous research and a genuine passion to help you create spaces that speak to you. In this way, AGOF Style aspires to become a reliable and inspiring source for everyone who wants to make their home a unique place.

AGOF Store: the origins!

The root of everything we do dates back to 1981, with the opening of our first store in Sondrio, specializing in bathroom furniture and known as AGOF. Thanks to the stimulating environment and customer focus, the store prospered, establishing lasting relationships with some of the most important Italian design houses. Over time, we have expanded our horizons, including not only bathroom furniture, but also lighting and furniture in a broader sense. In 2011, tradition found a new digital expression with the launch of our AGOF Store e-commerce.

Agof Style Ufficio

Agof STORE awaits you with an extensive updated catalog of design items for the home.